Drain Jet Extension


  • Prevents jet head turning inside drain pipe
  • 225mm (9″) long for use in drains up to 225mm diameter
  • 300mm (12″) long for use in drains up to 300mm diameter
  • 450mm (18″) long for use in drains up to 450mm diameter
  • 1/2″ male/female fittings connects to safety leader hose and drain jet
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The drain jet extension is a vital piece of safety equipment needed when high pressure jetting in larger sewers above 150mm (6″) diameter. It is connected between the jetter nozzle and safety leader hose. It stops the jetting nozzle from unexpectedly turning back when inside the drain. This could result in serious injury if unnoticed and the nozzle strikes the operator.

It also provides some unexpected advantages!

  • Helps prevent jetting nozzles from entering branch or lateral lines
  • Adds weight to jetting nozzle, keeping it in the base of the pipe, which can help cleaning and desilting efficiency
  • Keeps the jetting nozzle pointing directly along the pipe, which can help increase usable thrust and cleaning distance

Choose the length that matches the largest drain diameter you are working in.

(Jetting nozzle not included)

Additional information

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Connection Size

1/2" fixed male x 1/2" swivel female