Electric trolley mount jetters are extremely versatile high pressure water jetting units. At Flowplant we manufacture a range of standard and bespoke machines with flows up to 400 l/min and pressures up to 3,000 bar.

Trolley mount jetters are used for numerous industrial cleaning and pumping applications including:

  • Surface preparation
  • Heat exchanger cleaning
  • Tank cleaning
  • Coke oven door cleaning
  • Pipe cleaning
  • Umbilical flushing
  • Drain jetting
  • Cable duct desilting

We offer a choice of pumps which we manufacture in the UK. These include the Harben high pressure diaphragm and the Aqua triplex plunger types. Both models have low running costs and are easy to maintain without the need for specialist tools.

The Harben operates up to 700 bar and the Aqua 3,000 bar, with flow combination all the way up to 450kW.

Our electric trolley mount jetters are designed in accordance with all internationally recognised standards. These include ATEX 2014/34 EU, BS EN 1829 and any other as maybe appropriate. Lifting eyes and forklift pockets can be incorporated if required and full or partial crash frames can be supplied. Units can be specified as open, sound damped or fully silenced

We can match electric motors to meet energy efficiency standards (IE2, 3, 4 etc) geographical region and zone of use. Units with high voltage motors can also be supplied.

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