The Turbo descaling Jet is a rotary jet excellent for the removal of hard scale deposits. It has four nozzle outlets and can be used with forward and rear facing jets or just rear facing. It operates at pressures between 280 bar (4,000 psi) and 700 bar (10,000 psi) and flows to 60 l/min (13 gpm).

The rotor is water lubricated and spun by water pressure alone. This makes it a very simple nozzle with low maintenance requirements. It has replaceable hardened steel jet inserts which create a very hard hitting jet stream. These jets cut through fat, scale and even roots with ease.

The front mounted pulling ring allows a draw rope to be attached so if necessary the Turbo Jet can be winched back and forward through the pipe until the required clean has been achieved.

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Suitable for drains from 100 to 225mm

1/2″ BSP thread

Flow l/min (gpm) 60 (13)

Pressure bar (psi) 700 (10000)

2 rotating nozzles

Options at 90 and 15 degree rear

Front towing eye