After several months of successful trials with the Openreach new product team orders for our new 320 Series Desiltunits have been rolling in from telecom contractors.

Like our larger trailed machines the 320 is fitted with the legendary Harben pump and Jump Jet system. Coupled to a low emission diesel engine we have designed our own gearbox to cope with the extreme pumping conditions encountered when desilting extreme lengths.

The 320 is extremely compact and available with 400 or 650 litre tank options. It is ideal for regions where access may be difficult or license restrictions make towing difficult.

Mark Preston, Flowplant Sales Manager and desilt expert says “The 320 delivers astonishing desilt performance, it is clearing long ducts that had previously thwarted all other cleaning methods. The three units currently in build will join the huge fleet of Flowplant desilt units around the UK and beyond.”

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