Flowplant Overview

Flowplant is a renowned leader in the design and manufacture of high-pressure water jetting and pumping systems, delivering unparalleled performance up to 3,000 bar working pressure. With over fifty years of manufacturing experience, our Flowplant drain jetters and other solutions are synonymous with technical excellence, reliability, and durability. At the heart of our product range lies the acclaimed “Harben” radial piston diaphragm pump and the Aqua triplex plunger pump ranges, setting industry benchmarks for innovation and efficiency. Our systems find diverse applications across industries, including industrial cleaning, hydrostatic testing, and surface preparation, among others.


Empowering Solutions for Every Challenge

We take pride in the fact that Flowplant drain jetters have been manufactured since 1970, with a commitment to excellence that spans over five decades, we offer a diverse range of solutions to meet the needs of our customers worldwide. Whether you’re in need of a trailer, van, skid, or truck-mounted unit, we have you covered. Our trailer units, in particular, boast jetting performance of up to 6000 psi and 35 gpm, providing unmatched power and efficiency. With water carrying capacities of up to 200 gallons, our units are equipped to handle even the most demanding tasks with ease. Plus, with the option of single or double axle configurations, you can customise your setup to suit your specific requirements. At Flowplant, we don’t just provide equipment; we deliver solutions that empower you to tackle any challenge with confidence.

Flowplant 4000 psi trailer drain jetter

Leading the Way: DTK Trailer Drain Jetter

Designed with contractors in mind, the DTK Trailer Drain Jetter delivers an impressive cleaning power of 4,000 psi at 12 gpm, ensuring that even the toughest jobs are tackled with precision and efficiency—the first time around. At the heart of the DTK’s capabilities lies the legendary Harben P pump, renowned for its ability to drive the hose deep into sewers blocked with silt, fat, scale, or roots, swiftly restoring flow in a matter of minutes. With more than enough jetting power to tackle 300mm drains quickly and professionally, the DTK stands as a testament to reliability and performance.

Featuring twin plastic tanks with a combined capacity of 500 litres (110 gallons), the DTK is not only lightweight but also corrosion-resistant, ensuring longevity and durability in even the harshest of environments. With convenient access covers, cleaning and maintenance become a breeze, allowing operators to focus on the task at hand. But it’s not just about power—the DTK is engineered for productivity. Equipped with a hydraulically powered hose reel boasting speed control and a freewheel facility, efficiency is maximised. Whether pulling off long lengths of hose in seconds with the freewheel mode or adjusting the pull-back speed to match the task at hand, operators have the flexibility they need to get the job done quickly.

What’s more, the DTK sets the standard for environmental responsibility with its low-emission diesel engine, ensuring that performance never comes at the expense of sustainability. With optional features including a 7-channel radio control, the DTK leaves no stone unturned when it comes to specification and versatility. With options available up to 6000 psi (415 bar) and flows up to 12 gpm (55 lpm), the DTK trailer jetter is more than just a drain cleaner—it’s a versatile solution capable of tackling a multitude of high-pressure cleaning tasks. From drains to floor cleaning and even culverts, the DTK empowers operators to take on any challenge with confidence and precision.

Flowplant trailer mounted drain jetting unit

Elevating Efficiency: DTX II Trailer Jetter

One of our key Flowplant drain jetters which Boasts an impressive cleaning power of 4,000 psi at 12 gpm, coupled with a generous 900-liter water capacity. This combination not only delivers unmatched performance but also provides contractors with 45% more jetting time compared to our other trailers, making the DTX an ideal solution for areas with restricted water supply.

Powered by the legendary Harben P pump, the DTX effortlessly tackles even the most stubborn blockages, driving the hose deep into clogged sewers and restoring flow in a matter of minutes. Its robust jetting power ensures quick and professional cleaning of 300mm drains, further solidifying its status as a reliable workhorse in the industry. Constructed with lightweight and corrosion-free materials, the DTX features four plastic tanks, each equipped with access covers for easy filling and cleaning, enhancing operational efficiency and convenience on the job.

Additionally, the DTX comes equipped with an integral anti-freeze system, safeguarding against sub-zero temperatures and ensuring uninterrupted operation in adverse weather conditions. With the inclusion of a manual rewind hose reel and up to 25m of inlet hose, filling the on-board water tanks is made effortless, eliminating the need to search for suitable hoses and fittings before starting work. Furthermore, Flowplant offers a wide range of accessories for drain/sewer cleaning and water jetting applications, providing customers with a comprehensive solution from a single source. Tested as a complete system, these accessories ensure optimal functionality and efficiency from day one, making the DTX trailer jetter a truly versatile and reliable solution for a multitude of high-pressure cleaning tasks.

Desilter Harben Pump

Unlocking Efficiency: The Harben Pump’s Jump Jet Feature

At the heart of Flowplant’s trailer jetters lies the Harben pump, a testament to engineering excellence and innovation. Developed for over four decades, the Harben pump continues to be the driving force behind our drain and sewer cleaning solutions. One of its most remarkable features is the Jump Jet. This innovative addition, born out of engineering ingenuity, revolutionised long-run pipe cleaning. By creating a pulse in the high-pressure hose, the Jump Jet reduces friction, allowing the jetter to continue its forward journey even on extended runs. Forty years since its inception, the Harben Jump Jet remains unrivalled in the world of drain cleaning, effortlessly tackling the toughest blockages with unmatched efficiency. With its unique capabilities and proven track record, the Harben pump stands as a testament to Flowplant’s commitment to delivering cutting-edge solutions that empower businesses worldwide.



Bringing it together: Flowplant’s Dedication to Quality

Driven by a passion for engineering excellence, we continuously strive to push boundaries and exceed customer expectations with our Flowplant drain jetters. Our commitment to quality is evident in every aspect of our operations, from meticulous design and rigorous testing to responsive customer support. With a steadfast focus on innovation and customer satisfaction, Flowplant remains at the forefront of high-pressure pumping technology, empowering businesses worldwide to achieve peak performance and reliability in their operations.