A major steel manufacturer in the Far East has just taken delivery of this Harben Century skid unit. It was assembled locally by our distributor and has gone straight into service cleaning coke oven doors.

Cleaning coke over doors is a tough job for a high pressure pump. The operating conditions can be extreme. High working temperatures, abrasive coal dust and low quality water combine into an aggressive mix that can quickly destroy the seals in a normal plunger pump.

The Harben Century is different. It is unique amongst high pressure pump designs because the working parts are separated from the pumped water by a special flexible diaphragm. Keeping water and plungers separate makes the Century tolerant of poor quality water and dry running.

The radial cylinders on the Century allow for a compact design that can be driven directly from an electric motor without the need for a gearbox. Delivering more than 50 l/min at 600 bar this Century is fitted with an oil conditioning system and high efficiency valve seats.

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