Kendal case study

This is our case study featuring our customised Jet Buggy commissioned for Kendal Snowsports Club to efficiently tackle moss build-up on the artificial ski slope. Discover how our high-pressure jetting system reduced their cleaning process and costs with exceptional results. Kendal Snowsports Club were seeking an effective solution to maintain their artificial ski slopes and prevent at the moss build-up, ensuring optimal performance on the slope.




Kendal Snowsports Club faced a challenge with moss build-up on their artificial ski slopes and sought an effective solution to maintain cleanliness & performance and reduce cleaning costs. Turning to Google for research, they discovered Flowplant Group Ltd and recognised our industry expertise, prompting them to reach out for advice and a free demo. Having listened to their requirements, we carefully identified their concerns and
issues, leveraging our extensive application knowledge to offer them the most suitable product in the Jet Buggy.


Upon receiving the inquiry from Kendal Snowsports Club, we quickly arranged a free site visit to assess their specific needs. During the visit, we conducted an on-site demonstration, showcasing various nozzles and tools to identify the most effective solution tailored to their requirements. This hands-on approach allowed us to ensure that the chosen solution would address their unique challenges and deliver optimal results for their artificial ski slopes.


“We are extremely pleased with the unit provided by Flowplant. It will significantly improve the maintenance of our artificial ski slopes, effectively tackling dirt and moss build-up and ensuring top performance and to continue to keep the experience as close to snow as possible for our members” John Bryers, Kendal Snowsports Club


Kendal case study



Unit type:          Flowplant Jet Buggy

Application:       Dry Ski Slope Cleaning

Specs:                  Operating at 200 bar @ 30 l/min & supplied with a 300ft high pressure hose and fan cleaning nozzle. The Jet Buggy has a 300ft capacity live hose reel, pressure regulating valve, safety relief valve and a 325 ltr water tank as standard. This skid mounted unit will be located in an enclosed purpose built area to protect it from the elements. The Jet Buggy model is also available as a mobile trolley mounted unit.



Q. Why did Kendal Snowsports Club decide to invest in a high-pressure water jetting unit for cleaning the dry ski slopes?

A. We used to get the slopes cleaned every year or two by the people who supplied and fitted it. The cleaning service became very expensive as they had travel costs and overnight accommodation for the 5-6 weeks the cleaning took. They used a very similar jetting unit to the one that we bought so we knew it would work as a one-off investment & will save us money in the long run.


Q. What specific challenges or cleaning requirements led you to seek a solution like the Jet Buggy?

A. The ski slope matting is a like a stiff nylon brush. Leaf litter etc gets pushed into the bristles and moss grows as a result. Eventually the matting is full of compacted moss and the bristles are not able to flex as they should. This also shortens the life of the matting, and does not offer the best experience for our members.


Q. Were there any customisation or special considerations in the purchase process, and how did Flowplant accommodate these?

A. We asked for the unit to be skid mounted and for the HP hose to be mounted across the long axis of the unit so it would sit in the space available, and the hose would feed out to the slope in an optimal way.


Q. How do you foresee the Jet Buggy impacting your maintenance and cleaning processes compared to previous methods?

A. Owning the jetting unit will mean lower annual costs for the club but more work for our volunteers. If we find that we can’t get enough man hours of cleaning using volunteers we have the option to employ some workers on a casual basis. This will still be very cost effective compared with our previous cleaning process.


Q. How did you come across Flowplant, and what factors influenced your decision to choose Flowplant over other competitors?

A. We found Flowplant on an internet search. However, our suppliers of the matting used the same machine, so we knew from the onset it would be an option we could use and rely on.


Q. Would you recommend Flowplant and the Jet Buggy to other organisations with similar cleaning needs? If so, why?

A. It’s a big initial investment and a commitment in terms of manpower but the cost saving should be significant. Time will tell.


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