With temperatures dropping, some of us have already experienced the first frosts of winter. Don’t be caught out and risk serious damage to your jetter. Be prepared by stocking up with anti-freeze now and following the application procedure in your user manual.

If your pump, hoses or equipment appear to be frozen, or you suspect them of being frozen, on no account should you engage the pump until the whole system has been thawed out fully.

We supply suitable jetter anti-freeze in varying quantities from 5 litres to 205 litres. You could also invest in our Min/Max thermometer to check whether there has been an overnight frost.

Remember: Attempting to start a jetter when it is frozen will result in considerable damage to the pump and other components, with repairs usually costing in excess of £300!

If you would like any further advice or information about the anti-freeze precautions you can take to protect your jetter, please call our technical helpline on 01722 344 091 and we will be pleased to assist.