Flowplant engineers are putting the finishing touches to these two bespoke Harben® skid units, due for FAT and delivery to the end user in January.  They will be deployed anywhere around the world providing high pressure water for a unique and innovative cleaning system.

The Harben® Century pumps provide a finely controlled water volume at high pressure to a specially designed cleaning probe.  The probe delivers a precise jet with laser like accuracy onto a metal alloy surface where the water selectively removes microscopic particles but leaves the surface properties intact.

The Harben® pumps are powered by state of the art EU Stage 5 emission compliant engines and the skid incorporates on board power generation and a water collection recycling system, allowing the pumps to operate for extended periods with only 900 litres of fresh water.

The end user, a hugely respected international manufacturer, came to Flowplant because of its reputation for swift and proactive problem solving.  Initial trials were completed at Flowplant’s engineering HQ and a detailed proposal was presented less than 8 weeks after the initial contact was made.