Compact, flexible and powerful, this versatile drain jetter skid provides ample power to tackle the toughest drainage problems.

It follows our 3 module concept and the P type multi skid offers numerous mounting choices to the end user. The modules can be mounted in any situation that suits the vehicle layout. This will maximise the space and payload available. It is an ideal solution for our overseas customers because final assembly can take place on site. Our engineers will work with you to optimise the layout and provide comprehensive mounting instructions.

The Harben high pressure pump and engine form the main module. This can have the water and diesel tank attached or supplied loose, whichever you prefer. The hose reel and control module can also be located to the rear or side of the vehicle. Finally, the water tank capacity will be matched to your vehicle and located to make best use of available weight limits.

Its legendary Harben P pump can drive the hose more than 200m into sewers blocked with silt, fat, scale or roots, restoring flow in a matter of minutes. It has more than enough jetting power to clean 300mm drains quickly and professionally.

  • Unblocking
  • Descaling
  • Desilting
  • Root cutting

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